BMW M4 F82 Evolve Technik Stage 3 Tuning - 435kW and 709Nm

The BMW M4 is a relatively new creation from the famed Bavarian company some of whose models date back well into the previous century. The first BMW M4 came in 2014 when BMW decided to rename the coupe and convertible versions of the M3. This means that the M4 is the less practical and, arguably, more stylish of the pair.

What it does not lack is performance potential. Powered by the lovely S55 inline-6 twin-turbo, the stock M4 has 431hp (317kW) and 550Nm (406lb-ft) to play with. All of the torque is available from just 1800rpm and all the way up to 5500rpm.

This means the M4 is an accomplished, practical daily driver and also a beastly track machine all in one.

Moreover, the driver’s car street cred of the M4, and also the M3, is further emphasized by the two transmission options. The more common one is the 7-speed M-DCT dual clutch that gives lightning fast shifts and a very continual acceleration feel. The second option is the good old stick shift, for all those who hold driving engagement higher than shaving off milliseconds on the track.

It is important to note that this same engine also powers some more powerful versions of the M4, including the M4 Competition, M4 CS and M4 GTS, going all the way up to 500hp (368kW) and 600Nm (443 lb-ft) in the latter.

What this means is that this engine holds a lot more potential and we gladly helped this customer get the best from it. After our Evolve Stage 3 upgrade and some accompanying modifications, this BMW M4 goes well beyond any of its stablemates - it gets 591hp (435kW) and 709Nm (523 lb-ft) of torque.

BMW M4 Chiptuning (Stage 1)

On projects like this one, chiptuning is only a part of the total upgrade, but a very important one. It has the job of extracting extra power from the engine by adjusting the ECU software, but with addition of hardware parts, the importance of chiptuning goes beyond this.

First of all, aftermarket hardware parts tend to have more ability than the stock ones. Chiptuning adjusts the ECU software in a way to take into account the new ability and provide more power.

Secondly, changing some parts can result in check engine light on the dashboard. Chiptuning adjusts the software in a way that it integrates new parts into the system, preventing the warning light in this case, but keeping its general functionality in case it needs to warn you of any other underlying issues.

BMW M4 Chiptuning Power Gains

For the BMW M4 chiptuning alone brings a lot of added power. Stage 1 pushes the S55 twin-turbo to about 510hp (375kW) and 650Nm (480lb-ft).

The upgrade is based on the stock software so it preserves the wide torque curve and smoothness but it brings the power to a whole new level. Moreover, it improves throttle response, making reactions of the car after you press the pedal noticeably faster and more forceful. 

However, for this particular project, we went well past Stage 1.

BMW M4 F82 Aftermarket Parts

Before this upgrade, we already worked on this car. A while back this customer had our Stage 2 upgrade installed, including Supersprint catless downpipes and chiptuning. This resulted in 545hp (401kW) and 680Nm (502lb-ft) of torque and a noticeable improvement in sound.

But once the tuning hook is in you, it is difficult to resist. The customer now wanted a bit more power and a lot more in terms of looks.

The beginning of this next set of upgrades came on the intake side and under the bonnet where the customer wanted carbon all round so we cleared out the Eventuri catalogue. We started off with Eventuri Full Carbon V2 air intake, Eventuri Carbon Charge Pipes and Eventuri Carbon Engine Cover. The intake side of the engine also gets a CSF Intercooler. 

S55 Eventuri and CSF

All this results in a lot better supply of cold air into the engine, as well as a very cool all-carbon look under the bonnet.

But that’s not all.

The customer also wanted more sound from the engine with an aftermarket exhaust system. With Supersprint catless downpipes already installed, the customer opted for Supersprint exhaust as well.

Supersprint turbo-back

This particular kit includes 200CPSI catted front pipes to compensate for the loss of cats in the downpipe section, center H-pipe, a set of valved rear exhausts and custom carbon quad tips to complement the carbon everything under the bonnet.

BMW M4 Evolve Stage 3 Tuning - Putting It All Together

All the above upgrades result in a noticeably different sound and even more power from the engine than the previously installed stage 2 upgrade. Aside from the stunning roar of a soundtrack that is easily tamed in more timid conditions with the help of valves in the rear section, improved gas flow also brings a bit more power so we needed to perform another software upgrade. 

The result is 591hp (435kW) and 709Nm (523 lb-ft) which puts this BMW M4 well above its more hardcore siblings in their stock for, including the BMW M4 GTS. Not even that one can compete with the BMW M4 adorned with Evolve-Technik Stage 3 tuning.

But that is still not all!

As amazing as the S55 is, it has one problem which we thoroughly described in this blog post. Namely, a spin in the standard crank hub messes up the timing of the engine, which can result in a completely destroyed engine.

This happens because the standard crank hub is not able to deal with the amounts of torque that it is subdued to. Even the stock power is enough to make the crank hub spin and heavily modified cars with a lot more power like this particular example are even more prone to this failure.

In the same blog post we also described how to prevent the issue and the customer went ahead with this upgrade as well. We installed the VTT crank bolt capture and completely removed the possibility of the spinning crank hub issue.

BMW M4 F82 Dual-Clutch Transmission Tuning

Lastly, the customer also wanted to upgrade the TCU (gearbox) software. This particular car is equipped with the mentioned 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and we adjusted its operation to suit the driving preference of the customer. We also increased clamping pressure to make sure the clutches can keep up with the added power. 

Are you interested in having your BMW M4 upgraded? Give us a call and we’ll make your dreams come true!

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