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Evolve Technik is a specialist eco and performance tuning division based at Fitzgerald Racing Services. Operating since 1994, Fitzgerald Racing Services has focused on performance improvements, maintenance and support for Porsches ranging from club sprint cars to GT3 Cup winners. Performance Tuning - Our team has a shared vision and commitment to car tuning excellence. The insights and expertise gained from three decades of championship racing means our team of technicians and personnel are the best available. We use cutting-edge technology and equipment and work closely with customers to achieve their aims, be it increased power and performance, improved fuel economy or designing a spirited road/race performer. Many of our tuning partners whom offer performance upgrades, such as Bilstein, Supersprint Exhaust, Akrapovic, Kline Innovation, Forge Motorsport, Eibach, H&R, PP-Performance, Milltek, and Pagid are renowned in their field for BMW, VW & Audi tuning, among other makes. Our performance tuning software is sourced from the best tuners, particularly in Germany, where compliance standards are the highest in the world. All this ensures that we deliver on our objective:to provide performance upgrades thatdeliver optimal results.

For more information on our performance tuning solutions, check our Tune My Car page, or contact us to discuss your specific car tuning needs. We offer performance upgrades and products for a range of European vehicles, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Porsche, Ferrari, Mclaren, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini and Ford Euro Powered vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

A common concern for many clients is whether or not they will be causing harm to their vehicle by tuning it. The answer is unfortunately not as black and white as most would hope. Vehicles tedious pieces of machinery at the best of time and it is very easy to upset the balance of things should an incorrect tune be installed in the vehicle. In addition there are many external factors that can come into play such as: How worn are spark plugs? When did you last change coil packs? Are you using 98Ron fuel? all of these and many more factors can impact how your tune performs and your vehicles safety. Let's take spark plugs for instance, in most tunes it is common to advance the timing (speed up ignition combustion by igniting spark plugs more regularly), if a vehicle has already worn plugs installed they may not yet be faulting, however once the timing is advanced the plugs may be pushed to a limit of which they can no longer tolerate and in turn cause misfires. If this is to occur then new spark plugs are required and the car will be fine again. The same can happen with Coil Packs which energise the plugs. The key factor to keep in mind when it comes to safety is making sure to choose a leading software engineer, as we have done with Evolve Technik. In fact we have partnered with several software engineers from around the globe to provide only the best, safe and reliable tuning solutions for our clients. 

To put it simple, Chip Tuning is a software upgrade to your vehicle to improve performance, economy and driveability. For those who want to dive deeper, when we Chip Tune a vehicle we extract the current data from the vehicles computer (ECU/DME), That data is then sent to our Tuner for modification. Our Tuner modifies the data on a Hexidecimal level, breaking the code into different map tables such as injection timing, ignition timing, boost pressure, torque limitations and throttle response just to name a few. These changes are made to the original software we extracted from your vehicle, we cannot flash software from other vehicles into yours as it will not start. Once we receive the modified file from our Tuner over night, we then load the software into your vehicle the following day and you go for a test drive.

Evolve Plus is our Membership and Warranty program, which entitles the owner to added benefits post tuning. 

These benefits include: 3 Year Limited Match Factory Warranty, Additional 12 months on our Software guarantee, Eligibility for a 10% Loyalty Discount on future tunes, Access to exclusive member only events and sales.

This program is only available to eligible customers who have purchased one of our tunes and have a car with less than 60,000km on the odometer. 

For more details please check out our warranty document HERE.

Pops and Bangs or as we call it, AK47 Feature. Is the sound effect achieved when releasing the throttle pedal which sounds similar to cracking or burbling through the exhaust system. Although a popular request we only ever offer this feature on Stage 2 cars with sports downpipes installed. The reason for this is because of excessive unburnt fuel being generated to achieve such an effect, the factory (OEM) catalytic convertors can be damaged over time. In addition with the factory downpipe install, excessive exhaust temps can be reached causing damage to the turbo chargers over time. We also generally build a failsafe into our maps to turn this feature off once cylinder temperatures exceed a pre-defined limit, this is to avoid causing any unwarranted damage to the cylinders and pistons as well. All in all a very nice feature however we do advise clients weight up the potential risks associated as well. 

Evolve Technik and it's respective dealers currently offer a 'Drive before you buy' policy with every Flash Tune. Once we have loaded the modified software into your vehicle we get you to go for a test drive around the block to see what you think, if you do not like the changes or feel they are not worth the cost then we revert the vehicle back to stock and you leave free of charge. We offer this to demonstrate how confident we are in our software!

One of our included features of all our tunes is our 12 Month Software Guarantee. This Guarantee allows the owner to upgrade their car from any Stage for free in the first 12 months. In addition, we will also re-tune and de-tune your vehicle as many times as needed during this period. This is a handy inclusion which will protect your software in the instance your vehicle is upgraded by the manufacturer during a service. After the 12 month period has expired, it will cost the full price to re-write any new software, however if you wish to extend this period you can do so by purchasing our Evolve Plus Upgrade. Please note that we will not charge you if your software still matches any files you already have on record, in addition we will never charge to de-tune a vehicle. 

Manufacturers design and build their vehicles for a global market. Due to this they must meet a wide range of fuel and emissions standards, they also need to take into account altitudes and climates. Luckily for us there is plenty of room to move under European and Australian tolerances, which allows us to extract more performance from the vehicles whilst still being within the components maximum tolerances.

Simple answer is No, in fact quite the opposite! We tend to see improved fuel economy in vehicles we have tuned, particularly turbo and diesel motors of which can see up to a 2-3L/100km improvement. Why is this you ask? Simple, the increase in torque output tends to mean you do not need more throttle then orginally required to reach a determined speed. For example, to get to 60km/h in 100m maybe have required 50% throttle in stock trim, after the tune you would only require 30-40% throttle to achieve the same result.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in our industry. The short answer is yes it will, however under consumer affairs regulations we need a manufacturer to prove that the modification has indeed caused the malfunction. I.e. if you have tuned you vehicle and your sunroof stops working, the car still has warranty.

Some manufacturers (in particular BMW, AUDI, VW and SKODA) now have the ability to check for tunes during warranty procedures and system diagnosis. This function is unfortunately completely automated and the service staff have no control over the final decision. If the software detects that the software has been tampered with it will automatically throw a Black Flag against your VIN.

However we have now developed a method to get around all F-Series BMW detection. So we can now tune all late model F-Series BMW's in a manor that makes them undetectable at a dealership level, so you can still take you vehicle in for regular servicing with our tune still installed hassle free.

We have built our reputation on after sales service and support so we suggest if you ever have any issues with your vehicle you speak with us first prior to seeing your dealer. Quite often we deal with the dealer on our clients behalf to resolve warranty issues.

Find below interesting snipet from the Australian Consumer Affairs Industry Guide which we like to point out to all our clients as many now have their vehicles serviced with us also.

"Consumers are sometimes confused about the differences between the consumer guarantees, warranties against defects and extended warranties. This is especially the case when dealers and manufacturers make broad statements that consumers will ‘void their warranties’ or similar if they go to an independent repairer (for example, a repairer who is not affiliated with the manufacturer or part of the manufacturer’s network). Any suggestion by car manufacturers or dealers that motor vehicles need to be serviced at a licensed dealer to maintain the owner’s consumer guarantee rights is not correct." - ACA Motor vehicle sales and repairs and industry guide to the Australian Consumer Law

We have also now introduced a new Limited Matched Factory Warranty for customers who are still a bit nervous about touching their new toy. Please refer to "What is Evolve Plus" for more information.

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