BMW G8X M3/M4 well needed facelift

If you are one of those who dislike the new M3 and M4 grille, Prior Design has some good news for you.

The famed German aftermarket specialist obviously shares the sentiment regarding the new BMW grilles and they decided to do something about that. Unlike the rest of us armed only with dislike for the stock solution and mad Photoshop skills, Prior Design actually has design experts and development and manufacturing capabilities that can produce a viable alternative both in terms of aerodynamics and style. The results are a few different solutions for the G80 M3 and G82 M4 fronts that both look great on their own and also fit the rest of the picture perfectly.

Speaking of the rest of the picture, the bumpers are also redesigned to incorporate the new grilles and fill the huge space at the bottom left by the exclusion of the massive stock grille.

Now, we should point out that at this point these solutions are a mere design study, but having in mind the sentiments towards the stock solution and these aftermarket ones, as well as the fact that the company that proposed the latter actually does this for a living, we’re pretty confident that these things will reach production sooner than later.

The first option includes a significant reduction in the grille size (OK, that was a given) with the kidneys closer and split only by a glossy piece of trim rather than a body section like on the stock car. The lower part of the front is then given to a more traditional front bumper with large intakes, a nice lip spoiler and an aggressive design befitting an M car. It is obviously based on the previously well-received front end of the BMW M8 Competition.

BMW G80 M3 Grille

 Another solution is clearly based on the factory design but in a more compact format which, once  again, is limited to the top portion of the front bumper. The lower part of the bumper is reserved for  large intake surrounds.

BMW G80 M3 Grill

The design study includes several proposals based on these solutions. The variations are minor, but they do make a difference in the overall design. However, what is conspicuously absent from all of them is the massive upright grille of the original solution.

Here are a few variations Prior Design also presented in their video.

BMW G8X M3 Grill

BMW G82 M4 Grill

Prior Design G82 M4

BMW G8X M4 Front Bar

M3 M4 Grille

If you like what you see, but you don’t actually own the latest M3 or M4, you should know that Prior Design also offers other aero parts and full body kits, as well as wheels and exhaust systems for a large number of mostly European performance vehicles.

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